Women's Team

Photo Names Left to Right
Back Row: Nicole Kluth, Molly Pachulski, Sienna Fasel, Courtney Elkins, Jordyn Clark, Melanie Catinella, Bridget Bernhard
Front Row: Claire Denton, Lauren Panian, Leticia Rocha, Trina Girardin, Emma Jabour, Therese Panian, Ashley Zeits, Betsy Borre
Single Front : Brittany Noonan 

2016 Fall and League Schedule 

9/10/16: @ Davenport
10/15/16: @ Toledo
11/06: @ CMU


2016 Kalamazoo Snowball Tournament - 1st Place
2016 Meijer State Games 7s Tournament - 2nd Place

**** Coach needed ****
Women's Team is recruiting for a coach! If you are interested, contact the general manager, Lauren Panian (details below). We'd love to hear from you! 


General Manager: Lauren Panian denverartkid@gmail.com
Treasurer: Trina Girardin trina.n.girardin@gmail.com
Fundraising Coordinator(s): Courtney Elkins msfiddle@gmail.com and Bridget Bernhard bridget.bernhard13@gmail.com
Field Equipment Manager: Therese Panian tepanian@gmail.com
Social Chair: Leticia Rocha leticiarocha76@yahoo.com
Recruitment Chair: Jordyn Clark Jordynclark6292@yahoo.com
Match Secretary: Brittany Noonan rugger0902@yahoo.com